Tatiana report

Report on Herbal medicines


This report investtigates Herbal medicines and conciders whether the therapy is effective and safe.
The report ghatered information from the following sources:

  • 4.500 of our members were sent questionnaires asking them about their experience of using the therapy.We recieved 2.815 completed surveys.
  • Leading medical journals.


1.Herbal therapy uses plant extracts for remedies and medicines.

2.Some ancient remedies have been used for thousands of years.

3. There are three major types of medicines:Western, Chinise, Indian.

4.There are some safety issues with using these remedies.Users need yo be aware of the side effects of some herbs, and need to take special care.These
herbs can also interaet very badly with other drugs.

5.Our member found herbs very effective on a wide range of illnesses and ailments.More than half of the members would recommend herbal medicine to their friends.


There is some debate as to the effectiveness of herbal medicines, and some can have a harmful effect on the body. In saying this there are also many benefits that can be gained from herbs as well.


1. Advice from a herbalist is essential before using herbal medicines.

2. It is vital that you tell your doctor if you are using herbal medicines.

3. Make sure the herbal remedy mathes your symptoms.

4. It is advisable that the herbalist combines the herbs specifically for you.

5. Do not believe everything that is writtenon the packaging the herbal products, as a lot of the claims can be misleading