4seasons in Japan

(:A Beautiful Country in Japan:)


In this page, I'll introduce each season's events in Japan and beautiful landscape pictures. Also, I'll tell you the origin of those events and what people are doing at that time. I think Japanese customs are little bit different from others because we haven't contact with other countries for a long history. So, we made own traditional customs which are extraordinary for foreign people. That's why customs make them inspiring nowadays.

Have you ever been to Japan?

Japan is island country, which is located in eaten Asia.
We have 4seasons in a year.
Also, we have many events depending on seasons.
Everyone can enjoy the events and be impressed with beautiful view. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter…..

After reading this pages, you will definitely want to visit an awesome country, Japan! :)

Spring (March~May)

This season, it becomes warm, so many flowers come out to play, especially a cherry blossom which is the most beautiful in this season. Most Japanese people gather to the place which has many cherry blossoms to enjoy watching it. It seems a Japanse traditional custom. This yearly activity is called Hanami.
The origin of Hanami was started during Nara Period (710-794). At first, people watch Ume which was sent from China, but the flower changed from Ume to Cherry blossom in Heian Period (795-1185).
The Cherry blossom just comes out for 2weeks, so it was compared to a brief span of life. That's why it has been passed that it makes people derange.

Children's Day

Summer (June~August)


In August, many fireworks are displayed at night time. The event and festival are held throughout the country, so thousands of people can enjoy beautiful fireworks. A firework event is called Hanabi Taikai. The firework events have amounted approximately 200times. It was established the Day of Hanabi on 1 August (1967). The date was held the firework which was the first time in Japan.
The most biggest firework event is displayed between 100,000 and 120,000 rounds (Tondabayashi, Osaka)

Autumn (September~November)

Winter (December~February)


We have the most important event in New Year's eve and New Year.