Suzuka's report

Report on Herbal medicines

This report is shown about herbal medicines. The purpose is to improve our health.
The report gathered information from the following sources:

  • 4,500 members were sent questionnaires asking about their experience of using the herbal medicines.
  • Leading medical journals in the field were consulted.

Facts and findings

  1. Herbal medicines are used plant extracts for remedies or medicines.
  2. Herbs have been used for thousands of years as ancient remedy.
  3. It is known that there are three types of medicines: western, Chinese and Indian.
  4. Herbal medicines are considered safe by side effects from some herbs. Also,They can interact badly with other drugs.
  5. Our members found herbs very effective for a wide range of illnesses. Just over 55% said that they would recommend herbal medicines to friends.

Some herbal medicines have a harmful effect on the body. However, many herbs are considered to be safe.


  1. You must be used with great care to get advice from a herbalist.
  2. It is absolutely essential to tell your doctor if you are using herbal medicines.
  3. It is better to make sure that the herbal remedy is the correct product for you.
  4. It is good idea for a herbalists to make remedy specially for you.
  5. You should not believe all the claims you read on the packaging of a herbal product.