This is not the tale of impressive feats or mighty adventures, but merely an attempt to share some of my cultures and of my deepest being.

Tuscany is my home region and one of the most beautiful part of Italy. In that website, I will try to show the main attractions of this area with photos, a piece of information and suggestions if you will decide one day to visit it and mybe after you will look at my work you could really have the will to visit it.

This is just an experiment that has a double meaning, the first one, like I said before, is to give a simple preview of my home area and in the same time to underline the characteristic of this area making me what I REALLY am. I hope you will enjoy it.

First of all there are several places to visit in Tuscany, I will show the most great location that you could visit.

1. Siena


I have been to the local university in that city. It has approximately 54.000 inhabitants and it is located in the south of Tuscany.

2. Castello di Brolio


3. Greve in Chianti


4. Monteriggioni


5. Isola d'Elba


6. San Gimignano


Tuscany is characterized by beautiful landscapes, beaches, ancient medioeval towns and a weather quite mild. The perfect seasons to visit this area are autumn and spring, when the temperature are mild and the days are sunny.


This is the main city of the region, it is called Firenze (Florence) and has a population of 500.000 inhabitants. The city is famous for several attractions, one of the most famous is the "David" that is hosted in one of the museum of the city, the "Opificio".



If you are more interested in this part of Italy, you can check the following website http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuscany

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