Nell's Report

Report on Herbal Medicines


This report investigates Herbal Medicines and considers whether they are effective and safe.
The report collected information from:

  • 2,815 completed surveys (from 4,500 sent to members)
  • Articles from well-known medical journals

Facts and Findings

  • The use of herbal medicines is an ancient remedy, one which has been around for thousands of years
  • Herbal Medicine is the use of plant extracts for remedies and medicine
  • There are three types of medicine: Indian, Chinese, and western
  • Safety concerns exist in the use of herbal medicine
    • there are side effects from the use of some herbs
    • herbal medicine can interact badly with other drugs
  • Our members found herbs very effective for a wide range of illnesses. Around 55% would recommend herbal medicines to their friends


Herbal medicines can be both beneficial and harmful to the body.


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