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Before you see my page I would like to welcome you.

I ask myself sometimes whether there are differences of education in some countries.

There is a considerable variation between countries which reflects the theory of education they have.

And also there are differences of teaching by teachers who try to help students to answer some orders so that you can
understand the question.

I can not explain more but my classmates will write their opinions.

1. Daniele

I think that there are significant variations. In my country, for example, we study a lot of Latin, Greece, and philosophy and I think that is an Italian peculiarity.

2. Ibrahim

When you ask yourself, have ever answered yourself??

3. Tatiana

Every country has a different sistem of education. This depens on the political sistem and cultural diversity.

4. Nell

I have only studied in the Australian system, and this system has experienced a lot of debate, discussion and modifications in the past two decades, particularly in Tasmania. One constant for this system and style of education, however, has been a focus on exploration, and learning through doing. Discussion, debate, and group-based learning are also key components.The university system has a very strong focus on application of knowledge and theory, rather than on simply knowing and presenting information. Analysis is very important in Australian education.

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