Discovering Hobart

I don’t think I am great. I just want to be a good daughter, a good wife, a good teacher and a good mother in future. ;-)

This is my personal page about Hobart. It contains an introduction to Hobart, a description of stunning view and friendly people in Hobart, sharing my feelings of living and studying in Hobart from a foreigner's perspective, as well as the comparison between life in Australia and in my country. I have been in Hobart for two weeks and this city is still new to me. I'd like to discover everything about Hobart, to learn about the history and customs here, to know about people's diverse living styles, to make friends with people here and to find interesting cultural differences. I would like to learn more about Australian culture and enjoy my life here. So, come with me and let's discover Hobart together!

Hobart is an amazing city in Tasmania, Australia. It is not big, but it has great scenery, good transportation connections and useful public facilities. People here are relaxed and there is never a rush in them. All of them are friendly, always smiling to each other and polite. It is near the sea and you can enjoy the view of the sea everywhere.

I arrived at Hobart at night, so on the bus from the airport to my homestay, my friends and I were completely fascinated with the lights coming from houses everywhere, which are just like the twinkling stars. "Peaceful" is the first word that came to my mind to describe Hobart.

Battery Point is an historic site in the city. There are many houses with long history and they were beautifully designed and delicately constructed. It is not far from the famous market in Hobart — Salamanca Market. We went to the market on the first weekend we arrived here. It was an amazing experience to walk around the market. We found many products are hand-made, including wooden containers, wine glasses, greeting cards, etc. There were also a large number of flowers showing their smiling faces to the tourists. We couldn't help taking photos before almost every stand.

It's a great pity that almost all the shops apart from those bakeries or bottle shops would close after 6 o'clock in the evening because the sun won't fall until 9 at night. Hobart is a city with typical Australian style. People here, including shop owners, don't work on Sundays. So every Sunday morning we went out, we could hardly see anyone in the streets. We could only see people who were walking their dogs and those who were jogging or riding bicycles.

The University of Tasmania locates in Sandy Bay. Many foreign students live near the university. I'm told it is very interesting that in Sandy Bay, there are rich people living in a big house and at the same time there are poor students sharing a small house with three or four other students. It is also a strange situation that in the street where I'm living, most Asian people live on one side of the street, and most Australian people live on the other side. No one can explain why it is like this.

Students learning English in ELC (English Language Centre) come from different countries or even different continents. But they are just like a family, talking in the same language, sharing feelings and experiences in their life, helping each other to learn more about the life and study here.

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