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Welcome everyone to my home page.

My name is Snook and my full name is Rosruen Chatchai. I live in the capital city of Thailand. That is Bangkok. How much do you know about Bangkok?
I'm going to show you about why foreigners like to visit Bangkok one time in their life.


I'm going to show you about Bangkok for some people who are interested to know about it much better.

Many people know about Bangkok in the wrong ways and might visit the wrong place. Furthermore, many of them are lied to by some bad Thai people which makes normal Thai people feel upset.
Obviously, many foreigners have been visiting in the same place by looking at a guide book or following a guide. So I would like to show you about famous place of Bangkok, the real life of Bangkok people, modern and traditional things. Only knowing them, you will be able to know the real Bangkok much better than now.


Located in the center of the country, it is quite nearly to the Gulf of Thailand, the greater Bangkok Metropolis (including the former capital of Thonburi on the other side of the Chao Phraya River) covers an area of 1600 km2.


We have many Thai tranditional local places that foreigners could visit and enjoy of every part of Bangkok. That is really famous thing which foreigners are going to find out about Thai culture.

The Thai national religion is Buddhism and there are many temples. That is a famous place where are many of people likely to visit there one time. Adding some tranditional public transport which different with other country in the world such as spacial boats and spacial gas cars (Tuk tuk).

Furthermore, the real Thai traditional food is very well-known for foreigners also. That you are gioing to find them whenever you want, because a lot of Thai restaurants are taking turn to open every time of the days. So you are able to try many kind of Thai food a day.

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