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Tatiana Afonina


Short Biography

Gender: Female

Age: 35 years old

Nationality: Russian

Education: Diploma of Tehnological University

Hobbies: Read a book, listen classical music

Personal Philosophy:" The life for living"

Where will I be in 2016? I don't know

Fahad Saleh Alkhaibari


Gender : Male

Age : 25

Nationality : Saudi Arabia

Education : Diploma

Hobbies : Swimming

Ibrahim Saeed Asiri


Gender: Male

Age: 22

Nationatily: Saudi Arabia

Education: Programming Diploma

Hobby: surfing the net

Personal philosophy: If you want to do something of impossible you must believe that it is possible, and it will come true.

Tian Fan (Jessy)


Gender: Female

Age: 24


Education: Diploma of ChongQing normal university

Hobbies: watching action film,listen music

Personal Philosophy:Never give up!

In2016,I will go back to China.

Wen Hao


GENDER – male

AGE — 20


EDUCATION – now study language in the ELC

HOBBY – basketball ,swim,movies

Personal Philosophy—Nothing is impossible.

In 2016,I think that I have already finished my study,I will work in a company to get some expierence for my own

company in the future.

Suzuka Morita

Short biography


Gender: female

Age: 20

Nationality: Japan

Education: Graduating for Sugiyama Jyogakuen High School

Hobby: Watching football game, Listening to music and sleeping

Personal Philosophy: A life is like a mountain

Where will I be in 2016: I’m in Japan to work

Daniele Redi


Gender: Male

Age:29 years old

Nationality: Italian


A bachelor of science who has developed impeccable analytical and scientific skills. A competent student who has a wide knowledge of earth science. Quickly adjust to new situations and able to work in team. An enthusiastic and self motivated person who has the self discipline to ensure that the objectives are attained.
Education profile

26-06-2007 Bachelor of Science in Geological Science from the University of Siena, Italy, with a votation of 110 cum laude on a 110 scale.
09-03-2005 Fist level, Earth Science Studies from the University of Siena, Italy.
2000 A level, Scientific Course at Alessandro Volta Scientific Lycee, Colle di Val d'Elsa, Italy

Language spoken

Italian: native speaker
English: good written and spoken english.


Proficient with MS Office, Notes, Windows XP ,Internet and with softwares as arcview and autocad.

Plans for the future:

I should use some analytical instruments at UTAS, and live here in Hobart for the another one year and six months. Afterwards I should return in Italy, at the University of Naples and finish my PhD writing a thesis
Where I will be in 2016?
It is really hard to say, at the moment my life is really unpredictable, but I can say something about what I hope that happens. I would like to have a permanent job, like professor at University because I like teaching and I think I have a good predisposition to communicate and moreover I have a really good cultural and scientific background.

Personal Philosophy:Dare to be yourself.

Chatchai Rosruen (Snook)



Age:26 years old


Education:Bachelor's degree of Science of Biomedical Instrumentation at Rungsit University,Pathhum Thani,Thailand.

Hobbies:Swimming and listening to music.

Personal Philosophy:Try my best anything I do.

Where will I be in 2016? I am planning to be in Thailand at that time, after I have Master degree of International Business at University at Tasmania.Then I might have my own business about Thai herb shop.

Teng Wang (Jason)


Gender: Male

Age: 20

Nationality: China


Hobby: Basketball

Personal Philosophy: Happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have.

Bing Xu (Cindy)


Gender: Female

Age: 29

Nationality: Chinese

Education: Bachelor

Hobbies: Travelling, music

Personal Philosophy: I don’t think I am great. I just want to be a good daughter, a good wife, a good teacher and a good mother in future. ;-)

Where will I be in 2016?
In 2016. I am sure I will be in China. And I will still be a teacher teaching my lovely students.