Chong Qing

Never give up!

My city is located in the southwest of China, and there is an intersection of Yangzi river and Jia Ling river.


As you know I came from Chongqing so, I would like to tell you something about Chongqing's special food which is very spicy and delicious. It is called the hot pot. My family go to the restuarants to eat it every week. It is very important part of my live.Also it takes away the humid from our body. I know in Utas, many students come from different countries and they haven't been to Chongqing. For this reason, I'd like to present hot pot to you.


I want to share with you another fun thing in my city. My city has become a municipality city for 14 years. Now, it has changed a lot for instance, many high buidings are bulit and many new architectures are constructed in my city such as threatres, museums and science exhibitions. Moreover, an increasing number of supermarkets have come to Chongqing such as carrford and woolworth So, if you want to buy something, it is very convenient.