A Great Achievement

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We all agree that as learning English we have met a lot of difficulties to learn English and we all agree that learning languages is not easy, especially as a second language. In fact, what we are doing is really a hard job ,but as a group we will make our way to learn English easier than work individually. It would be exaggeration, if we say no one of us has ever felt disappointed with his/her English and we all want to speak and write without making any mistake. For this reason I found a great achievement for magician who could stay in the water without breathing for 17 minutes. I expect that all of you would have thought "because he is magician he could have stayed for 17 minutes." In fact not, he was able to stay without breathing after many times. He tried and tried until he could reach his aim. What he did which is really a risky adventure and he could be died, if there is something went wrong in his plans.

Firstly, I would like to introduce our hero


David Blaine White was born in Brooklyn, New York on April 4, 1973. His mother is of Jewish Russian origin while his father is of Puerto Rican heritage.

Blaine is an illusionist and endurance artist who is well known for his magic tricks and incredible feats of endurance.

Blaine has done several achievements which is included in the video.

Enjoy watching his story


Please do not read what is written untill you have finished watching David Blaine's story. Thank you ;-)

Did you see how successful he is it was not magic. Can imagine that if you were him could you do what he did?
Could you ask yourself please ,what did you learn from his story?
I think we could do much more than what he did but in our ways. We can achieve and get whatever we want.
He means that nothing is impossible, so we can try and try until we get what we have been doing for .
From this story I would like to encourage you to finish what you have started and encourage your friends as well and always remember that nothing is impossible and if someone can change something together we can change the world.
Finally, I hope that would be a great Motivation to achieve our aims
Think you for your attention and your time as well…
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Ibrahim AsiriIbrahim Asiri